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Easter Friday Blessings from Bromley 

Major Noel Wright is our guest speaker taking Mark 15: 34 'My God, my God why have you forsaken me' as his given text he uses the last couplet of verse 3 of Albert Orsborn's song 'Silent and still I stand' (SASB 198) "I cannot pierce the mystery but this I know Christ died for me" as a truth to consider on this most solemn of holy days. As Major Noel says: - "The question posed by Jesus (taken from Psalm 22: 1) is not a statement of despair or anger or Jesus wanting to reveal how he is feeling in the darkness of judgment. This is Christ speaking of the consequence of him having become sin for us" Songs included today are: SASB 208 'When I survey the wondrous cross'; SASB 193 'On Calvary's tree'; SASB 198 'Silent and still I stand'; SASB 184 'Many thoughts stir my heart' and SASB185 'My Lord, what love is this' We also feature 'I stand amazed' by joint singing companies (junior choirs) of Bromley Salvation Army and Bexleyheath Salvation Army.

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Martin O'Leary, 02/04/2021